Office Overview

Offices at Tactic are a representation of the physical spaces at which people work. In terms of the object hierachy, offices are most closely tied to resources since most of the time rooms filled with desks, meeting & conference rooms, and offices all reside within a specific office building.


  • id - string: Unique Tactic Office Id
  • name - string: Office name
  • total_desks - number: Sum of all desks inside a building
  • total_meeting_rooms - number: Sum of all meeting rooms inside a building



GET /offices

Permissions: office:read

Roles: owner

Retrieve all offices within an organization

GET /offices/:officeId

Permissions: team:read

Roles: owner

Retrieve details about a specific office

POST /offices

Permissions: office:add

Roles: owner

Create a new office within an organization

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