Organization Overview

The organization object can be used to create & modify organizations at Tactic. Organizations are the top level object upon which all other objects rely. Without an organization, there is very, very little that can be done with the API.

Since Tactic is a multi tenant application, users can belong to more than one organization. All users can belong up to 100 organizations. We use the organization slug to keep users segmented properly.


  • id - string: Unique Tactic organization id
  • name - string: Organization's name
  • slug - string: Organization's slug


1. Plural Organizations

GET /organizations

Permissions: user:organization:read

Roles: user_basic

Get basic information about all the organizations a user belongs to

POST /organizations

Permissions: organizations:add

Roles: user_basic

Creates a brand new organization

2. Organizations by Slug

GET /organizations/:slug

Permissions: none

Retrieves information about a specific organization

TODO PUT /organization/:slug

Update information about the organization i.e. name, logo icon

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