Resource Overview

The resource object is how we define resources that can be reserved for use within a specific office. Resources can have parent - child relationships. Combined with type this allows for quite a few possibilities.

There are 3 different resource types: workspace, room, and meeting_room. In the Tactic web & mobile apps, we group these as "Desks", "Private Offices & Desks", and "Meeting & Conference Rooms" respectively.


  • Type workspace must have total_slots greater than 1
  • If a resource's ID is assigned as a parent_id, then total_slots is no longer a static value but is instead dynamically generated as the sum of total_slots from its assigned child resources.


  • id - string: Unique Tactic Resource Id
  • parent_id - string: Id of resource where there is a parent / child relationship
  • type - enum: Possible values are workspace, room, and meeting_room
  • name - string: Resource name
  • total_slots - number: Number of units available to be reserved or utilized


Resources - Office

GET /offices/:officeId/resources

Permissions: resource:read

Roles: owner

Retrieve all resources within an organization

Resources - Specific

GET /resources/:resourceId

Permissions: resource:read

Roles: owner

Retrieve details about a specific resource

POST /resources

Permissions: resource:add

Roles: owner

Create a new resource within an organization

PUT /resources/:resourceId

Permissions: resource:update

Roles: owner

Update details about a specific resource

DELETE /resources/:resourceId

Permissions: resource:delete

Roles: owner

Delete a specific resource

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