Delete a user

Deleting a user from an organization can only be done by an admin or by the user themselves.

1. User is deleted from an organization
2. User removes themselves from an organization


Delete a user from an organization

  • DELETE /users/:userId
    • Permissions: organization:user:delete
    • Roles: Organizaton Owner


  • user_id - string


$ http DELETE 'http://localhost:5000/users/user_b21da9a0-b1fd-4b99-a12e-f321b93e2f7c' 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "id": "user_b21da9a0-b1fd-4b99-a12e-f321b93e2f7c",
    "just_created": false,
    "name": "Mariano Iglesias",
    "role": "deleted"

Note: If you are looking for information regarding our data deletion policies, please see our Privacy page.

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