User Overview

The users object can be used to create & modify users. Since Tactic is a multi tenant application, users can belong to more than one organization. All users can belong up to 100 organizations. We use the organization slug to keep users segmented properly.


  • id - string: Unique Tactic user id
  • name - string: User's name
  • email - string: User's email
  • password - string: User's password
  • just_created - boolean: Field we use to know whether a user is brand new
  • role - string: User's role within a specific organization.


1. Singular User

GET /user

Permissions: user:profile:update

Retrieve user profile information

PUT /user

Permissions: user:profile:update

Update user profile

1.1 Singular User - Password

PUT /user/password

Permissions: user:profile:password:update

Update user password directly

DELETE /user/password

Permissions: none

Trigger user password reset email

2. Plural Users

POST /users

Permissions: none

Create a user within an organization

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