Office Setup

2. Add Offices

Next, let's create our offices. As you'll remember, in the fictitous example that we set up at the start of this guide, we need to create two offices: ACME Headquarters and ACME Satellite.

Web App

In contrast to creating an organization, there are two places in the web app where you can create offices: in the setup flow & in Organization Settings.

1. Setup Flow

After creating your user account & organization, the setup wizard will ask you to add your office locations. This is constrained by the number of offices allowed by your billing subscription. If you need to add more offices, please upgrade your plan in Organization Settings --> Billing, and then upon successfully upgrading, you'll be allowed to add more offices.

2. Organization Settings

As with nearly all things Tactic, offices can be managed within the Organization Settings panel.

Tactic API

Creating offices on the API is quite simple; however, you won't have access to the mailing address components created by the address search in the web app, so be sure to verify the office mailing address accuracy. Without an accurate mailing address, we'll be forced to remove your team from our holiday card list.

$ echo '{
    "name": "ACME Headquarters"
}' | http POST ''
'X-Tactic-Orgz: acme' 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
    "id": "offi_1234-1234-1234"
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