Use Tactic to stay compliant
and return to the office safely

With Tactic's innovative tools for managing workplace risk, you can take a proactive approach to office safety and provide your team with peace of mind.

Easy upload process

Track vaccination records & test results

Tactic makes it easy to create and manage your office vaccination policy. Simply collect, review and securely store employee health records, all from the desktop and mobile app.

Powerful Roster

Monitor office safety & assess health risks

Keep track of all office health and safety stats from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Automated alerts for failed health questionnaires & positive COVID-19 test results will allow you to proactively address any issues.

Employees & Visitors

Check-in office visitors & notify hosts

Provide an added layer of safety by requiring office visitors to check-in upon arrival. Hosts will even recieve automated notifications to make sure your guests aren't kept waiting.

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