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Bring freedom and peace of mind to your office with effortless, up-to-date office space reservations.

Tactic Reservation Components

Designed for Team Collaboration

Video calls don't always work

Office space availability and reservations make it easy to facilitate in-person collaboration and get the kind of team building and brainstorming that you can only get face-to-face.

Schedule Transparency

Team members can quickly see who will be in the office and which workspaces will be available, making it easier to decide in-office schedules.

Easy Collaboration

Need to work through a project with a co-worker or your team? Book an available room and send out invites with just a couple of clicks.

Smart and intuitive reservations

Book a desk in just seconds

Collaborate in-person while keeping your distance by reserving desk space for yourself or your team.

Tactic Desk Reservation
Tactic Meeting Room Reservation

Designed for simplicity

Find the perfect conference room for every meeting

Avoid the last minute scramble to find an open meeting room by leveraging Tactic’s conference room reservation platform. Easily identify who will be attending in-person and via video.

Return to the office worry-free

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