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Join the thousands of companies that rely on Tactic to keep hybrid workplaces running smoothly and safely, so everyone inside can thrive.

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Tactic is free for the first 14 days to give you time to understand what plan is best for you.

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Tactic is free for the first 14 days to give you time to understand what plan is best for you.

Find the perfect conference room for every meeting

We know how hard it can be to implement new technologies, especially in large companies with multiple locations. That's why we focused on creating a simple easy-to-use software that your team will love.

Fast & Smooth Onboarding

Intuitive Interface

Third-Party Integrations

Android & iOS Apps

Real-time availability,
mapped to your office

Give your employees the ability to see who's sitting where and what's available at the office with our live-seating map.

Keep The Office Healthy

Embrace The Hybrid Workplace

Make Data-Backed Decisions

Custom Maps Made Just For You

Improve office space and layout with objective data

What is attendance like? Do you need more conference rooms or individual workspaces? Get a clear picture of how the office space is being utilized over time and make the most informed decisions for your teams & company.

Layout Optimization

Comprehensive Data

Utilization Insights


Connect Tactic with your everyday tools

No need to reinvent the wheel. Just connect Tactic with the tools you love and unlock even more benefits.


What Our Customers Say

"Everything we need was in one place. COVID information, reservations, tracking, logging, desk and private office usage.

Maria Alvarado
HR & Facilities Manager

1010 Data

"Tactic is thinking about the hybrid workplace not as an afterthought, but the way it should be thought about. In a way, it's the most important piece to working in our offices."

Chris Kirby
Global Workspace Specialist


"The Tactic solution and the team behind it have been an instrumental part of our hybrid workplace, allowing our employees to return to office both safely and efficiently."

Laura Supan
Vice President, Global HR

Kore Software

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