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Tactic Desktop

Covid Prepared

Now offering free contact tracing and health questionnaires for your office.

Smoother Office Management

From spreadsheets to a self-managed system

Multiple locations and workspaces? Limited capacity? No need for custom spreadsheets here – Tactic can handle it.

Frictionless Onboarding

With easy invites, it’s incredibly simple for employees to join Tactic and be up and running as a hybrid organization in less than a day.

Effortless Company Setup

Answer a few simple questions about the number of conference rooms, capacity, and workspaces and you’re off to the races.

Tactic Rooms and Offices
Tactic Reservation Components

Designed for Team Collaboration

Video calls don't always work

Office space availability and reservations make it easy to faciliate in-person collaboration and get the kind of team building and brainstorming that you can only get face-to-face.

Schedule Transparency

Team members can quickly see who will be in the office and which workspaces will be available, making it easier to decide in-office schedules.

Easy Collaboration

Need to work through a project with a co-worker or your team? Book an available room and send out invites with just a couple of clicks.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

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Transparent Office utilization

Improve office space and layout with objective data

What is attendance like? Do you need more conference rooms or individual workspaces? Get a clear picture of how the office space is being utilized over time and make the most informed decisions for your teams and company.

Layout Optimization

Get a detailed breakdown of how your office layout is utilized. Worskpaces vs conference rooms.

Comprehensive Data

Get data insights not only by aggregating offce and department data, but also all the way down to individual employees.

Utilization Insights

See which departments and teams are leveraging office resources.

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Managing office space while following constraints and limits can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Tactic makes it easy to set up once and takes cares of the rest.

Chris Barcus

Chris Barcus